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As your well-established business continues to thrive, the landscape evolves with an increased number of stakeholders, each with diverse needs. The pivotal question becomes, “How do I effectively meet the requirements of my stakeholders?”  Internally, individuals like your Marketing Director may require precise tracking of departmental spend against budget. Externally, investors seek regular business updates, banks necessitate comprehensive business plans and cashflow forecasts, and government agencies demand specific information in their prescribed formats.  While your business has successfully operated with a single set of reports until now, the time has come to tailor your approach. Our Established Plan is designed to provide segmented reporting and analytics, catering to your expanding audience. It ensures that each stakeholder receives the pertinent information they require.

All included in your plan

All the elements of Active with:

  • Payroll for up to ten employees
  • Live Business Dashboard
  • Monthly Business Review Call
  • Cashflow Analysis
  • Tax Planning and Optimisation

from £650 per month