29 August

Renting out a UK Property – Tax for the Non-Resident Landlord and Overseas Investor

In the United Kingdom, for all landlords, Income Tax is due on the rental income from a property on an annual basis and, potentially, Capital Gains Tax in the year the property is eventually sold. The calculation of Income Tax for a non-resident landlord or overseas investor is broadly the same as a UK-based landlord. […]

14 August

Renting out a UK Property – The Peril and the Pitfalls for the Non-Resident Landlord

Whether you have decided to move abroad for work or lifestyle reasons but keep your UK property or you have opted to buy a property in the UK as an investment, you need to be aware of the tax implications both if you rent out the property and when you come to sell it. The […]

7 August

The Bell Tolls for Employee Benefit Trust and Contractor Loan Schemes

The 2016 Budget included a clause on future measures to tackle the current and historic use ‘disguised remuneration’ schemes. These are generally schemes that involve individuals being paid in loans through structures such as an offshore Employee Benefit Trust (EBT) or Contractor Loans. In both instances, whilst the loans are theoretically repayable, the Loan Agreement […]

4 August

Bank of England Cuts the Base Rate to 0.25%

In a widely anticipated move, the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England has today cut the Base Rate to an unprecedented 0.25%. As a result, borrowing will be less expensive. The estimated 1,500,000 households with tracker mortgages will see an immediate benefit and the expectation is that new property buyers will also gain […]