24 April

Employment Allowance Revoked from Sole Director Limited Companies

Are you aware that the Employment Allowance has been revoked from sole Director limited companies? Following the 2015 Summer Budget where the Chancellor of the Exchequer indicated that the Employment Allowance would no longer be available to companies where the Director is the sole employee from April 2016. HMRC subsequently set up a consultation on […]

6 April

2016-17 UK Tax Guide

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We have prepared a free, downloadable 2016-17 UK Tax Guide that provides comprehensive details on the rates and allowances for: Income Tax National Insurance Inheritance tax Capital Gains Tax Corporation Tax Stamp Taxes Individual Savings Accounts Pension Contributions Venture Capital Schemes Value Added Tax Working and Child Tax Credits Car and Fuel Benefits If you […]

6 April

As the 2016-17 Tax Year Begins…

Have you ever wondered why the tax year in the United Kingdom runs from 6th April to 5th April? The reason is steeped in history. Prior to 1752, New Year’s Day in Britain was on 25th March, the Spring Quarter day, and this was also the start of the tax year. In 1582, Pope Gregory […]

3 April

The Patent Box and the Nexus Fraction

Not the title of the next Hollywood blockbuster but a cautionary tale showing that, in the global economy, no country has complete sovereignty over it’s tax regime. More importantly, for those with patentable inventions or Intellectual Property (IP), there is potentially a huge tax benefit for starting this process before 30th June 2016. One short […]