26 November

2015 Autumn Statement – A Grand Illusion?

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has delivered his 2015 Autumn Statement and, overall, it was a case of expected policies that were not announced. Seemingly, the Treasury has benefited from a windfall of £27bn from the combined effects of higher than anticipated tax receipts and lower debt interest. However, it is worth bearing in mind […]

25 November

2015 Autumn Statement – The Main Tax Changes

The Chancellor of the Exchequer delivered his 2015 Spending Review and Autumn Statement today and, from a tax perspective, it more a case of what was not announced. There was no announcement either on the predicted crackdown on personal service companies or on the restrictions to Entrepreneurs Relief. Seemingly, the Treasury has benefited from a windfall […]

15 November

FAQ – Is it More Tax Efficient to Pay Dividends before the 2016-17 Tax Changes?

A question that we are regularly being asked is ‘given the changes to the taxation of Dividends from the next tax year would it more tax efficient to declare additional Dividends and pay the resulting tax this year?’ There are a couple of considerations that need to be borne in mind: A company is restricted […]

12 November

Crackdown on Contractors to Raise £400m a Year – Really?? Do the Maths!

As many of you will have read in articles such as the one published in The Guardian last Friday, the government is examining whether to severely tighten the rules of Personal Service Companies as part of the Autumn Statement on 25th November. The proposal is understood to oblige a consultant using a Personal Service Company […]