9 January

Contractor Loan Settlement Opportunity – HMRC Extends Deadline to 30th June 2015

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Under the original HMRC proposal, the deadline for individuals to enter negotiations under the Contractor Loan Settlement Opportunity for the tax years up to and including 2010-11 was 9th January 2015. HMRC has now extended the closing date to start discussing a settlement to 30th June 2015 which should result in a settlement being agreed by […]

7 January

2015 Employment Intermediaries Legislation and Contractors

The 2013 Autumn Statement introduced legislation that targeted certain Employment Intermediaries that disguised employment as self-employment which was particularly common in the construction industry. From 6th April 2014, personnel must be treated as an employee for Income Tax and National Insurance purposes if the personnel: is placed with a UK-based client personally provides their services […]