24 May

HMRC Second Incomes Campaign

The latest group to come under scrutiny from HMRC are those individual taxpayers who are earning a second untaxed income. As a precursor, the HMRC have launched the Second Incomes Campaign that provides the opportunity for any employed taxpayer who is resident in the United Kingdom and who has additional untaxed income to bring their […]

24 May

Are You Trading?

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The economic downturn has led to more and more people using online auction websites, car boot sales or market stalls to sell items. This does not automatically mean that you are trading and would, therefore, need to be registered for tax and, possibly, VAT.  However, it can difficult to identify the point where trading starts. As […]

21 May

Will Capping the Income to Mortgage Ratio Cool the London Property Market?

The ongoing steep increase in house prices is starting to cause a real concern that the UK economic recovery could be undermined. The average marketed price of a property in London has risen by an astonishing £80,000 since the start of the year with the average price in the capital now exceeding £590,000 for the […]

7 May

2013-14 Tax Return – The Benefits of Submitting Your Return Early

The 2013-14 tax year ended on 5th April 2014 and the last date for submitting your tax return for this period is 31st January 2015. As a result, the common natural instinct is not to even start thinking about this until after Christmas! However, there are benefits from submitting your tax return early to HMRC.  […]