The relationship with your accountant is one of the closest in business.  It is at the heart of the success and profitability of the company.  They have intimate knowledge of your financial affairs and your future aspirations.

As a result, to make a change can be a huge, wrenching decision but, sometimes, it is the best for the business.

Your business may have expanded beyond the service level that your current accountant can support, there could be issues with the quality of the service or you feel that you are not being offered considered advice.

Whatever the reason, if you choose to switch to CooperFaure, we will act to ensure that the process is handled painlessly without impacting the ongoing obligations and requirements of the business.

All you need to do is to contact your current accountant in writing or by email to notify them of your decision and to request that all the relevant documents are transferred to us.

Our genial team will then contact your current accountant to request their professional clearance to act on your behalf and to manage the transition process.  There is a professional imperative for your current accountant to action this in a timely manner.  Indeed, Chartered and Certified Accountants are required to do so by their governing bodies.

The aim at CooperFaure is to ensure that the switch is accomplished without any adverse effect on the business and we work tirelessly to achieve this.