27 March

Loan Charge to go Ahead on 5th April

The Treasury has published the outcome of their review into the implementation of the Loan Charge on 5th April 2019 Whilst there was an admission that the Loan Charge was designed to avoid (an interesting word in the context of Disguised Remuneration) protracted litigation with individuals challenging the HMRC interpretation of their tax affairs and […]

25 January

Making Accounting Simple

Our New Video Series Aimed at Making your Life Easier   Here at CooperFaure we’re always trying to think of exciting new ways of how to engage with our clients. That’s why we’ve launched a video series called ‘Making Accounting Simple’ which aims to cut through the complexity of accounting. Making Tax Digital is the […]

23 September

Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)

Within this newsletter we inform you on what an Enterprise Investment Scheme is, who they affect and whether you are eligible to utilise them.   EIS provides the investors with a tax relief on their investment and has been made available by the government to aid growth. The investors receive a tax relief for the […]

14 August

What is the latest regarding Making Tax Digital?

Within this newsletter we will share the latest updates on Making Tax Digital (MTD) including who it will affect, how to ensure you are compliant and who are the MTD-compatible software suppliers. MTD was originally postponed, however the mandatory start date for MTD for VAT has been set, 1st April 2019. This requires any UK […]

15 July

What qualifies for R&D Tax Relief?

A project may qualify for R&D tax relief if it has a result that creates a breakthrough in knowledge or competence within your field. Additionally, this may also be the case if work is carried out to resolve an uncertainty. Developing a new product is not sufficient enough to qualify. The key is the advancement […]

22 June

The Enterprise Investment Scheme

  It is a win-win situation for the Company and the Investor! The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) has been made available by the government to help small to medium sized companies grow by acquiring investments. It is one of four schemes available and it provides tax relief for investors who purchase shares. Therefore, it acts […]

14 June

Is Your Company Eligible for R&D Tax Relief?

Answer our 6 simple questions to help you establish if your company is eligible for R&D Tax Relief: Please click here for the questions.   If you would like to arrange an initial consultation that is free and without obligation to discuss your circumstances, please email us at tax@cooperfaure.co.uk.    

7 March

Have you been in a Disguised Remuneration (DR) scheme?

    Disguised Remuneration This newsletter will outline the new law that has been brought in by the government and your best steps of actions to avoid the loan charge.   What is a Disguised Remuneration Scheme? A DR scheme is a scheme used by employers, employees and self-employed claimed to avoid paying the standard […]

1 February

Should I be a Sole Trader or Set Up a Limited Company?

This question, if you should be a Sole Trader or set up a Limited Company is a frequent query that we get asked. The answer is dependent upon your individual circumstances, but there are advantages and disadvantages of both that can help you make your decision. This newsletter will take you through these to aid […]

17 November

Let The Cloud Do The Work For You

Welcome to the new era of accounting, it is no longer dull, boring and time consuming. Traditional accounting has been transformed into an innovative, modern and networking platform for businesses. The government’s push to make tax digital by 2020 goes hand in hand with the cloud based accounting world that is emerging around us. It […]