13 May

Don’t Miss Out – Unclaimed R&D Tax Relief Is In The Billions

Don’t Miss Out – Unclaimed R&D Tax Relief Is In The Billions

At CooperFaure, we are working with an array of clients to ascertain whether their projects qualify for R&D Tax Relief and, if so, to ensure that all the qualifying costs are being claimed. This week, we secured out largest single Tax Credit payment for a client of over £270,000 and we continue to have an […]

7 April

Tech Talk: Freddie Faure from CooperFaure Limited

Freddie discusses our firm’s experience with technology and the effect that technological changes have had on the industry over the years.   Click here to read the interview. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on tax@cooperfaure.co.uk.

7 March

Have you been in a Disguised Remuneration (DR) scheme?

    Disguised Remuneration This newsletter will outline the new law that has been brought in by the government and your best steps of actions to avoid the loan charge.   What is a Disguised Remuneration Scheme? A DR scheme is a scheme used by employers, employees and self-employed claimed to avoid paying the standard […]

1 February

Should I be a Sole Trader or Set Up a Limited Company?

This question, if you should be a Sole Trader or set up a Limited Company is a frequent query that we get asked. The answer is dependent upon your individual circumstances, but there are advantages and disadvantages of both that can help you make your decision. This newsletter will take you through these to aid […]

10 January

Credit Card Payment Charges End on 13th January but…

HM Revenue & Customs will no longer accept credit card payments from that date. From 13th January, businesses will no longer be allowed to add a surcharge if a customer decides to pay by credit card. Although the UK legislation is based on the European Union Payment Services Directive (PSDII), the government has gone further […]

4 December

Don’t Miss Out on R&D Tax Relief

As part of the government’s ongoing commitment to make the United Kingdom a centre for knowledge advancement, there are attractive tax relief schemes available for Research and Development. Whilst tax relief on R&D has been in existence since 2000, in the past, the process of making the claim was cumbersome and time-consuming. The government has […]

22 November

Budget 2017 Digest

No Change to the VAT Threshold and Support for First-Time Buyers but Major Changes to Tax Reliefs Under Venture Capital Schemes and a Possible Threat Ahead for Contractors in the Private Sector. The Chancellor of the Exchequer used the Autumn Budget in the UK to unveil some significant tax changes. However, for small businesses and […]

19 November

Budget 2017 – What May Be In Store For The Entrepreneur and Investor

The 2017 UK Budget will be delivered to parliament by the Chancellor of the Exchequer on Wednesday this week and, in advance of this, the press has been awash with speculation of what may be included. Whilst much of this is driven by special interest groups, a good measure is ‘kite-flying’ by the government to […]

9 October

How to prepare for GDPR

Jon Cooper, Director of CooperFaure Accountants covers the following: To understand what GDPR is. To learn what processes firms will need to put in place. To understand how the regulation can benefit a firm. Click here to read the article. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on tax@cooperfaure.co.uk.

29 September

The Essential Areas you must Consider to Take your Business to the Next Level

John Warchus, partner in Moore Blatch’s Corporate group in Richmond, specialising in commercial and technology law has shared his knowledge and experience in the following fields: Company Structure  Shareholder Agreements  Running the Business   Jon Cooper, Director of CooperFaure Accountants has outlined the following topics: Business Plan  Investments  Grants  R&D Tax Credits   Is your Company Structure Optimal? Incorporating a Limited liability company is normally the most […]