22 February

2015 Employment Intermediaries Legislation Q & A

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Following our newsletter last month on the 2015 Employment Intermediaries legislation and the potential impact on contractors, we have been running a Q & A Forum. As promised, please find below the most commonly asked questions together with our answers. Q:           What if I work for a client based outside the UK? A:            If your […]

22 February

The Marriage Allowance – How to Register with HMRC

The Marriage Allowance is scheduled to come into effect in the 2015-16 tax year. In a major change to the personal tax regime, this could enable you to transfer up to £1,060 of your Personal Allowance to your husband, wife or civil partner. This, in turn, could reduce their Income Tax by up to £212 […]

9 January

Contractor Loan Settlement Opportunity – HMRC Extends Deadline to 30th June 2015

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Under the original HMRC proposal, the deadline for individuals to enter negotiations under the Contractor Loan Settlement Opportunity for the tax years up to and including 2010-11 was 9th January 2015. HMRC has now extended the closing date to start discussing a settlement to 30th June 2015 which should result in a settlement being agreed by […]

7 January

2015 Employment Intermediaries Legislation and Contractors

The 2013 Autumn Statement introduced legislation that targeted certain Employment Intermediaries that disguised employment as self-employment which was particularly common in the construction industry. From 6th April 2014, personnel must be treated as an employee for Income Tax and National Insurance purposes if the personnel: is placed with a UK-based client personally provides their services […]

12 December

Growing Your Business and the Importance of the Business Plan

Whether the business is a new start or looking to develop to the next level, seeking, securing and managing the finances is a crucial task.  The greatest aid for this is a coherent Business Plan. It is all too easy to see the Business Plan as set in stone whereas it needs to be regarded […]

3 December

Autumn Statement 2014

The UK Chancellor of the Exchequer today presented the 2014 Autumn Statement which was his final chance to impact the tax regime before the General Election.  Most of the changes were at the margins but this newsletter summarizes some of the main changes that will affect individuals and businesses. The flagship announcement was the change […]

2 December

Growing Your Business with Third Party Funding

Raising business finance remains extremely tough for small businesses through the traditional business loan or overdraft from the bank. As a result, many companies are now utilizing other avenues of third party funding.  Likewise, many people with money to invest are benefiting from the potential yield. A common method of raising capital for a business […]

21 November

Growing Your Business and Reaping The Rewards

As the economic conditions improve, the landscape for business growth is potentially highly favourable. There are a variety of tax reliefs and incentives that are on offer both to help a business grow and to reward the entrepreneur when they come to sell or close their business. Virtually every business that employs staff is eligible […]

18 September

The Paper Vehicle Tax Disc Abolished from 1st October 2014

The referendum on Scottish independence has dominated the local news agenda in the United Kingdom.  So much so that the abolition of the paper vehicle tax disc from 1st October 2014 has not been given due prominence. From this date, the paper tax disc will no longer need to be displayed on a vehicle windscreen.  […]

26 August

Tax-Free Childcare to Launch in Autumn 2015

Tax-Free Childcare is the government’s flagship measure to support working parents with up to £2,000.00 a year for childcare costs and is due to launch next autumn.  As a precursor, more details on how the scheme will operate have been released. When the scheme launches, qualifying parents will be able to open an online account […]