26 April

Securing A Mortgage Just Got Tougher

From Saturday 26th April, the full implementation of new rules designed by the Financial Conduct Authority come into effect across the UK mortgage lending sector.  These rules, the Mortgage Market Review, aim to protect consumers from the reckless lending that led to the crash in 2008 by changing the criteria on which a lending decision […]

17 April

Ever Wondered Why the Tax Year in the UK Starts on 6th April?

Have you ever wondered why the tax year in the United Kingdom runs from 6th April to 5th April?  The reason is steeped in history. Prior to 1752, the New Year’s Day in Britain used to be in on 25th March, the Spring Quarter day, and the tax year started on the same day. Back in […]

5 April

Investment in Fine Wine

As the UK passes the fifth anniversary of the interest base rate being at a historic low of 0.5%, this leaves businesses and individuals who have cash earning little return from holding these funds on deposit in a conventional bank or building society account. For investors looking for a higher rate of return, there are […]

1 April

The Budget 2014

Further to our live Twitter feed of the main announcements in the 2014 Budget.  This newsletter looks in more depth at some of the key policy decisions that will impact individuals and businesses. As previously announced, the Personal Allowance for the 2014-15 tax year will increase to £10,000.  In the Budget, the Chancellor of the Exchequer […]

20 March

The Employment Allowance

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One of the key incentives from the government to encourage businesses to either retain or take on additional staff is set to come into effect from 6th April 2014. The Employment Allowance will be available to most companies that run a payroll and that pay Class 1 National Insurance Contributions on employees’ and/or Directors’ earnings. […]

25 February

Capital Gains Tax, Private Residence Relief and the Accidental Landlord

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A topic that we have been asked to cover is the impact of the changes to Private Residence Relief that will come into effect from April 2014 and, in particular, how this affects the ‘Accidental Landlord’ who has rented out their property as residential accommodation as a result of, say, a work secondment abroad. To […]

18 February

HMRC Delays Imposition of RTI Late Filing Penalties

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HM Revenue and Customs has announced that it is changing the IT systems that support its Real Time Information (RTI) system for PAYE. As a result, HMRC is the delaying the imposition of fines on employers who have not implemented a RTI-compliant payroll system. Under the original proposals when RTI was implemented at the start of […]

18 February

CooperFaure Email Newsletter – FREE Subscription Service

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2014 promises to be a pivotal year for the economic recovery both in the United Kingdom and the Eurozone. In the United Kingdom, whilst there has been a significant reduction in the level of unemployment and an easing of inflationary pressures, there remains a major concern that the growth in the economy is not being […]

8 December

Autumn Statement 2013

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As we anticipated on Twitter @cooperfaure, there are a few nasty surprises buried in the detail.  This newsletter looks in more depth at some of the key policy decisions that will impact individuals and small businesses. There were few measures affecting Personal Taxation other than it was confirmed that, from the 2015-16 tax year, spouses […]

8 December

Christmas and The Tax Man

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As the calendar rolls into December and thoughts turn to the festive season and the Christmas holidays, in the UK the HMRC plays the role of scrooge with strict limits on the rewards that a company can give to its staff and gifts that it can offer its customers without creating an unwanted tax liability. […]